Experience @ EYE

Besides all programmes on the screens, Imagine also has a lot of experiences to offer in the public area of EYE.


WENTEL is the brainchild of    artist Sonja Volmer. It is a journey that quite literally turns your current environment upside down. With one deceptively simple tool, participants are invited to take a walk on the ceiling. Wentel is a real adventure for all ages.

Museum of Bags and Purses Hendrikje

A costume may say something about the wearer, but this is even more true for bags, which have been the real personal fashion statement for years. Imagine therefore sought collaboration with Museum of Bags and Purses Hendrikje, who dove deep into their collection to show the most fantastic bags at Imagine. From shark bags to the stylish accessories of a sophisticated killer, these are bags with character!

Exhibition sketches Lindy Hemming

During Imagine costume designer Lindy Hemming will receive the Career Achievement Award and she will give a masterclass about her work (The Dark Knight-trilogy, Casino Royale and Wonder Woman). A selection of her sketches will be exhibited in EYE during the festival. 

Virtual Reality

At Imagine we explore the fascinating prospects and terrifying possibilities of technology. That's why we present the Fantastic Film VR section. With Fantastic VR experiences from all around the world, we invite you to think about the current state and future of Virtual Reality in Virtual Reality itself. Together, we shall finally find out if VR makes us dream of Electric Sheep.

HKU: Transformation

At Imagine’s request, third-year fashion students at the HKU let themselves be inspired by Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and  The Shining. They incorporated the characters and events from these films into a collection in which colours, fabrics and prints tell a story, while referencing the films. An ingenious performance will introduce the collection, which will then be on display for ten days.


Triomf, from Utrecht, creates concepts and designs for public spaces. They are mainly aimed at music festivals, like Down the Rabbit Hole, Into the Great Wide Open and Le Guess Who. For the second consecutive year, Imagine is collaborating with Triomf on the decor of the programme outside of the auditoria. This time there will be not only a lot to see, but also a lot to do. 

Fashion Mobile and living stills by Carmen Schabracq

In Carmen Schabracq’s living film stills, a scene from an imaginary film is frozen and brought back to life. Costumes and props suggest what just happened or what is about to happen. In her fashion mobile, costumes and shreds of fashion dance freely through the room.