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A shy loner is lured out of his isolation but loses his mind in a funny, wry and captivating mystery thriller.


Director | Tobias Nölle

Switzerland, France | 2016

91  minutes 


With |  Georg Friedrich, Tilde von Overbeck, Karl Friedrich, Kamil Krejci

Language | Swiss German

Subtitles | Dutch


Aloys is a middle-aged loner, who runs a private detective business with his father. After the latter dies, Aloys goes on as if nothing happened. One day, he leaves his surveillance tapes on a bus. He receives a call from the female finder, inviting him to a phone game. Funny, wry and captivating mystery thriller with elements of Memento   and The Conversation.

Tobias Nölle’s feature film debut is a captivating mystery thriller, mixing elements of Memento   and The Conversation   with a cool and surreal way of storytelling. Austrian star Georg Friedrich is on great form as the shy loner, who is tricked into a phone game by a female caller and slowly gets caught at the intersection of dream and reality. Aloys’ claustrophobic environment, the faded seventies colours and the use of distinctly analogue technologies contribute to the weird, unworldly atmosphere of the film. But the greatest achievement is Nölle’s use of understated humour: you never know for certain whether to laugh or cry at Aloys’ cruel fate.

With special thanks to the Embassy  of Switzerland.