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Always Shine

Two friends discover more about themselves and each other than they can handle.


Director | Sophia Takal 

USA | 2016

89 minutes


With | MacKenzie Davis, Caitlin FitzGerald, Lawrence Michael Levin

Language | English

Always Shine

Friends Beth and Anna are both actresses. But while compliant Beth has more than enough work, mainly because she never says ‘no’ to a part, the confident, critical Anna barely gets by. When the two seclude themselves for a weekend in Beth’s holiday home, the underlying tensions explode onto the surface. Steadily composed psychological thriller benefits from a powerful chemistry between the two protagonists.

Right from the very beginning, Anna’s relationship with Beth is defined by jealousy and frustration. Why does Beth accept all those trashy roles; why didn’t she tell Anna about an editorial in a glossy fashion magazine, or about the maker of a short film who wants to book Anna for the leading role? While the atmosphere between the two feels uncomfortable from the outset, later on it turns downright hostile, after which director Takal moves into the area of psychological horror à la De Palma or Lynch. Actress MacKenzie Davis won a Best Actress award for her role of Anna at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016.