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Are We Not Cats

​Two outsiders come together in an amusing and bizarre love story that combines romance with body horror.


Director | Xander Robin

USA | 2016

78 minutes


With | Michael Patrick Nicholson, Chelsea Lopez, Michael Godere

Language | English

Are We Not Cats

Within a couple of hours Eli loses his job, his girlfriend and his parents who are moving away. Shortly afterwards he meets party animal Kyle and his girlfriend Anya. Just like Eli, she likes to eat her own hair. Eli falls for the unusual Anya, but fails to see her dark side. Entirely original American debut film blends romance, bizarre habits and body horror into an unique cocktail. 

First-time director Xander Robin takes his time to set up the unusual romance, for which actor Michael Patrick Nicholson as the restless Eli is a great asset. Robin makes good use of his soundtrack and locations: the deserted industrial areas in a bleak winter are almost characters in their own right. But above all, this is a story about two lost young lovers who are excluded by society, but find love and hope with each other. With its blend of romance, the bizarre habits of its characters and a dose of body horror, Robin has made one of the most original debut films of the last few years.