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Aussie Horror Night

A double bill with the Australian films Hounds of Love and Killing Ground.


Sunday 16 April  |  19:50 - 23:40  |  EYE 2

It is possible to buy tickets for one film within the programme.

Aussie Horror Night

There’s always something special about Australian horror, with its endless outback, crocodiles and over the top baddies. In this double bill we bring two pretty intense films together: the outback is the unforgiving backdrop for , a title that says it all. And that you can come across psychopaths in the suburbs as well, is shown in the chilling . 

Killing Ground

Ian and his wife Sam arrive at a remote lake hoping for a relaxing weekend camping trip, but see another tent set up nearby. As the other campers don’t return they begin to worry — a feeling that magnifies when they find a bruised toddler. Brutal, unforgiving tale from the Australian countryside takes its violence to extremes and shows its pointless randomness. 

Hounds of Love

Evelyn and John White are driving through the sweltering streets of Perth, looking for teenage girls they can offer a lift. Meanwhile, teenager Vicki is ignoring the fact that she doesn’t have her mother’s permission to go to a party. On her way there she is offered a lift. Australian spin on the serial killer genre is a dark, haunting thriller that slowly crawls under your skin.