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Cinema Egzotik

A double bill with Dario Argento's films Suspiria and Opera.


Suspiria   &  Opera

Cinema Egzotik

Costumes and styling may play a role in all fantastic films, but that role is never more prominent than in the giallo, the baroque Italian thriller genre from the sixties and seventies. So it’s only logical that two films by master of giallo Dario Argento were selected for the annual Imagine edition of the cult double bill Cinema Egzotik. Don’t miss the stunning 4K restoration of his hallucinatory masterpiece Suspiria, with a soundtrack by prog-rockers Goblin. Not screened as frequently, but just as baroque and delirious, is Opera, in which violence is not confined to the stage only. And to top it all off: the maestro himself will be in attendance to (re-)introduce his films!


The American Suzy Bannion travels to Freiburg, Germany, to study at its renowned dance academy. But it’s not long before the curriculum is drastically altered by a series of spectacular deaths. Suzy investigates and discovers that the stately old building was once the setting for witchcraft. Classic, baroque horror film by genre maestro Dario Argento celebrates its fortieth birthday with razor-sharp 4K-restoration.


When the star of Verdi’s opera Macbeth is killed in an accident, understudy Betty takes over her part. But then people around Betty keep turning up dead. Fortunately she has a fan in the police department: inspector Santini. Giallo maestro Dario Argento feels right at home in the baroque world of opera, where violence is not confined to only the stage.