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Exorcism Night

A double bill with the films Deliver Me and Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses.


Wednesday 19 April  |  19:15 - 23:05  |  EYE 2

It is possible to buy tickets for one film within this programme.

The interviews will be conducted in Dutch.

Exorcism Night

For most of us, possession and exorcism are relics from a distant past or something we know from horror films. That exorcising the devil is not only still happening but also an integral part of religious practice, is evident in the Italian documentary Liberami, which follows a 77-year-old priest in his daily exorcism rituals. Very special guest this evening is a clergyman who performs exorcisms for the diocese of Amsterdam-Haarlem. In Q&A's before and after the screening, he will talk extensively about the practice of exorcism in The Netherlands. The evening will be closed by the dramatised documentary Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses from New Zealand, about the tragic death of a possessed Maori woman. The traditional Maori faith plays a large part in this film.

Deliver Me

Father Cataldo from Palermo is a sought after exorcist. People from all over Sicily travel to his church in the hope of getting healed. We follow three of them throughout this film: forty-something Gloria, teenager Giulia, and Enrico, who wants to get a handle on his aggression. Documentary on the everyday practice of exorcism is a real eye-opener for those who only know the phenomenon from horror films.

Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses

Young mother Janet Moses lives in the little town of Wainuiomata, which is largely inhabited by Maori. She appears to be an ordinary woman, but after a few strange occurrences, she is found dead in her home in 2007. The police interviews over 70 witnesses and discovers the tragedy that took place prior to her death. Intense and bizarre docudrama offers an insight into local religious rituals.