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Filth and Loathing in Amsterdam

A double bill with the films The Greasy Strangler and Kuso.


Thursday 13 April  |  19:25 - 23:35  |  EYE 2

It is possible to buy tickets for one film within this programme.

Filth and Loathing in Amsterdam

When you think of scenes that ignore any pretence of good taste and make the audience gag, your obvious first thought would be John Waters, the ‘Pope of Trash’. This double bill shows that today’s filmmakers deliver just as well. The Greasy Strangler    deals in greasy food and tiny underpants on fat men, while delivers eyeball soup and additional bodily orifices.

The Greasy  Strangler

Father and son Ronnie and Brayden run a city walking tour that takes in the so-called historic places from the disco era. Besides that, Ronnie, who consumes all his food with excessive amounts of fat, also terrorises the city when he transforms himself into the ‘greasy strangler’. But it’s not until his son gets a girlfriend that dad really becomes unhinged. Hilarious horror-comedy can easily compete with the work of Pope of Trash  John Waters.


After an earthquake devastates a large part of Los Angeles, only a handful survive. For example: a family in their cabin in the woods, strange creatures in alien pods, wobbles who share their house with a pregnant woman. First feature film by musician Flying Lotus defies categorisation and will have its cult following as well as its devoted haters.