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Free Fire

Ben Wheatley’s follow up to High-Rise is Reservoir Dogs meets The Hateful Eight, an outrageous, fast-paced shooter with a great cast.


Director | Ben Wheatley

UK  |  2016

90 minutes


With  |  Sam Riley, Sharlto Copley, Brie Larson, Michael Smiley, Cilian Murphy

Language | English

Subtitles | Dutch

Free Fire

Boston, 1978. An arms deal between a local gang and a group of IRA members takes place in a deserted warehouse. When it becomes clear that local driver Harry had an altercation the night before with IRA man Stevo, in no time, all the guns are out. Outrageous, fast-paced fun, with plenty of character - and characters – to root for.

This Martin Scorsese produced follow up to High-Rise is Reservoir Dogs meets The Hateful Eight by way of Ben Wheatley. After building up the tension between the short fused gangsters for half an hour, Wheatley unleashes an hour of carnage filled up with jokes, as if all involved are merely playing paintball. After a while, with everyone being shot at least once, you ask yourself how this is going to unravel. Well, it simply delivers more bullets and more parties to shoot at. The action is smooth and sports some brilliant acting from a star studded cast. It's a gratifying, deliberately mindless shootout - the perfect film for the big screen, with a big crowd.