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Hounds of Love

Teenage girl tries to play her kidnappers off against each other in a dark, haunting thriller that slowly crawls under your skin.


Director  | Ben Young

Australia  |  2016 

108 minutes


With |  Stephen Curry, Ashleigh Cummings, Emma Booth

Language | English

Hounds of Love

Evelyn and John White are driving through the sweltering streets of Perth, looking for teenage girls they can offer a lift. Meanwhile, teenager Vicki is ignoring the fact that she doesn’t have her mother’s permission to go to a party. On her way there she is offered a lift. Australian spin on the serial killer genre is a dark, haunting thriller that slowly crawls under your skin.

A simple premise and masterful use of a single location, with beautifully sinister photography and a soundtrack that makes the most out of silence, make Hounds of Love a film that grabs the viewer and doesn’t let go. The relationship between the chained up Vicki, the psychopathic John and his submissive wife Evelyn is put on edge by Vicki’s slowly unfolding psychological gameplay, as she tries to drive a wedge between the couple. Actress Emma Booth makes Evelyn into a woman who you could almost pity. Almost, because director Ben Young leaves no doubt about her complicity.