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Imagine Fright Night

Imagine will move to Pathé de Munt for a horror night full of audience participation.


Saturday 15 April  |  12.30am

Pathé de Munt 11

Imagine Fright Night

For one night only, Imagine will desert the stylish EYE and move to Pathé de Munt for a horror night full of audience participation. With a superfast film quiz, a Scream Queen Contest, a Best Dressed Contest, and a fringe programme inside and outside of the auditorium. And let’s not forget the films themselves, with the surprising zombie film The Girl With All The Gifts, the Australian outback horror sensation Killing Ground and the both gory and psychedelic Red Christmas. The line-up of four films will be completed by a horror classic that you, our audience, can select via Facebook or Twitter. Details will follow shortly, as well as more news about the events and prizes. 

The Girl With All The Gifts

The future, somewhere in the United Kingdom. Ten-year-old Melanie is held captive in a tightly guarded facility along with a few of her peers. They are so-called ‘hungries’, half-zombies. During a massive attack of hungries, a small group manages to escape the facility, among them the potentially dangerous Melanie. The best British (sort of) zombie film since 28 Days Later gives the half-asleep genre a welcome kick up the butt. 

Killing Ground

Ian and his wife Sam arrive at a remote lake hoping for a relaxing weekend camping trip, but see another tent set up nearby. As the other campers don’t return they begin to worry — a feeling that magnifies when they find a bruised toddler. Brutal, unforgiving tale from the Australian countryside takes its violence to extremes and shows its pointless randomness. 

Red Christmas

An unborn baby survives the attack on an abortion clinic. Twenty years later, at Christmas time, the abomination tries to win the love of his mother back. When she has him thrown out of the house, he wreaks revenge on all the family members. Uneasy mix of serious issues and gore tactics offers non-CGI effects for an Aussie sense of giallo. 


Frank Zito lives alone in a small apartment in Manhattan. At night he ventures out to murder women. Their scalps are attached to mannequins, of which he keeps a collection in his bedroom. An encounter with photographer Anna changes his life. He is thrown back into his past, with far-reaching consequences. 

Director  |  William  Lustig
US  |  1980
87 minutes
With  |  Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro