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A dealer enters a time loop after leaving his girlfriend, in a Hungarian mix of Groundhog Day and Source Code.


Director | Isti Madarász 

Hungary | 2016 

95 minutes


With | Dénes Száraz, Dorina Martinovics, Zsolt Ange

Language | Hungarian

Subtitles | English


Drug dealer Adam and his girlfriend Anna plan to scam their boss and start a new life abroad. When they discover that Anna is pregnant, Adam decides to go alone and leave Anna behind. Before long, he ends up in a mysterious time loophole until he makes the right decision. Groundhog Day meets Source Code in this gritty, fast and timely time loop thriller.

Isti Madarász’s debut feature is a far cry from some of the overly complicated time travel films we’ve seen in the past years. It’s a breath of fresh air that cleverly makes the main character face his other selves time and time again. But each new opportunity does not mean a clean slate. Every time, he is forced to face the complicated repercussions of his earlier decisions. There is also a timely backdrop of the story, touching upon issues of emigration and responsibility. Should we look for a better place or make our own place better? But what if it won’t change and we’ll be stuck in a depressing now?