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My Father Die

Simple tale of a deaf son seeking revenge on his violent father becomes an archetypical battle between good an evil.


Director | Sean Brosnan

US | 2016

100 minutes

With | Joe Anderson, Gary Stretch, Candace Smith, Kevin Gage

Language | English

My Father Die

Chester and his younger brother Asher live the life of poor white trash. When their father Ivan catches Chester making love to his mistress, he beats up Asher and kills Chester. 21 years later, when Ivan gets an early release from jail, Asher seeks revenge. Simple revenge tale becomes an archetypical battle between good an evil, between father and son. 

Director Sean Brosnan (Pierce's son) has a fine eye for the beauty of the bayous of rural Louisiana. It provides him with the ideal backdrop of a mythological father-son conflict, with black and white flashbacks, accompanied by poetic interior monologues of young Asher, and occasional glimpses of classical paintings (Caravaggio, Rubens) containing violent imagery.  Amidst all this beauty, the larger-than-life conflict between the deaf Asher and the monstruous Ivan is quite brutal and compelling. It is intense Southern Gothic, with its bright colour palette, booming sound and unsettling soundtrack. With a great sense of style, Brosnan creates an archetypical battle between good and evil.