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Nova Seed

​Reluctant superhero takes on evil in wacky, hand-drawn animation with bizarre characters and a touch of the psychedelic.


Director | Nick DiLiberto

Canada | 2016

64 minutes


Voice Cast | Joe DiLIberto, Nick DiLiberto, Shawn Donovan, John Jellinek

Language | English

Nova Seed

The world is threatened by the evil Dr. Mindskull, and the authorities nominate lion-man Nac to fight him. But the reluctant Nac escapes and takes a mysterious, constantly sleeping girl along. The army goes in pursuit and Dr. Mindskull is interested in the girl as well.  Wacky, hand-drawn animation succeeds with bizarre characters and a touch of the psychedelic.

Nova Seed is pleasantly old-fashioned. It’s a film that took its director four years to draw by hand. His shaky, but assured style is a feast for the fans and for nostalgic children of the eighties. The rudimentary story seems to mainly function as a framework for the weird and wonderful characters, like the gunslinger whose sidekick is a cannibal. The stunning backgrounds, weird sound effects and spaceships inspired by are a joy and the electronic soundtrack only adds to the insane atmosphere.