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Red Christmas

An unwanted child seeks revenge in an uneasy mix of serious issues and gore tactics in an Aussie taste of giallo.


Director | Craig Anderson

Australia | 2016

83 minutes

With | Dee Wallace, Geoff Morrell, Sarah Bishop, David Collins

Language | English

Red Christmas

An unborn baby survives the attack on an abortion clinic. Twenty years later, at Christmas time, the abomination tries to win the love of his mother back. When she has him thrown out of the house, he wreaks revenge on all the family members. Uneasy mix of serious issues and gore tactics offers non-CGI effects for an Aussie sense of giallo. 

Red Christmas deceptively starts off as a family comedy - the first 30 minutes feel like a twisted episode of Neighbours: awkward, familiar, unabashedly Australian and with a lot of characters to get acquainted with. But halfway, the tone gets darker and the situation becomes violent, including death by blender and umbrella.  Star and co-producer Dee Wallace is terrific as the mother who desperately tries to protect her family, but ultimately, the monster is the star - dressed as the Grim Reaper, otherwise mirroring John Hurts Elephant Man. Anderson uses hardcore non-CGI effects for the slasher parts and Christmas light-setting to invoke a Aussie sense of giallo.