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Shorts: The Body Shop

The human body keeps amazing - and that’s not always a good thing.


Various directors

Shorts: The Body Shop

Sometimes the human body can be just a bit too obstinate. That’s what the teenager in Hilde found out, when she morphed into a fish. When Susurrus Stirs proves that things can get even more radical, while the protagonist in Break My Bones actually fights for her body. Body parts go their own way in Lend a Hand for Love, while the body doesn’t respond quite as planned in The Cleansing Hour either. It’s only in The Plan that everything... um... goes to plan. 

Break My Bones
Director: Anthony Collamati
US 2016 - 23 minutes
Language  English

The Cleansing Hour
Director: Damien LeVeck
US  2016 – 18 minutes
Language   English

Director: Felix Knoche
Germany, Austria   2016 – 20 minutes
Language  German
Subtitles  English

Lend a Hand for Love

Director: John Thompson
US  2016 – 15 minutes
Language  English

The Plan
Director: Pierre Teulières
France  2016 – 13 minutes
Language  French
Subtitles  English

When Susurrus Stirs

Director: Anthony Cousins
US  2016 – 10 minutes
Language  English