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Adolescent outsiders write erotic fan fiction while inventing themselves in a funny, sweet and edgy coming-of-age fantasy.


Director  | Clay Liford

US | 2016

100 minutes


With  |  Michael Johnston, Hannah Marks

Language | English


Neil is a 15-year old boy who writes slash fiction: erotic fan fiction about same-sex heroes. His soulmate is Julia, who introduces him to a fan site to upload his stories. Neil and Julia develop a relationship that becomes complex when both are invited to a ComicCon. Funny, sweet and edgy coming-of-age fantasy has a big heart for tormented outsiders.

The story of a bi-curious girl and a repressed, underage boy with clear homosexual interests has many potential trappings, but first time director Clay Liford manages to avoid them all, defusing the tension with well chosen sidekicks and turning the potentially most awkward scene of the film into something incredibly tender and special. Liford’s subtle directing is helped by a superb cast, led by Michael Johnston as the shy Neil and Hannah Marks as the much brasher Julia. They are really the heart and soul of the film, right up to the bittersweet conclusion.