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American girl arrives at a German dance academy, which turns out to be a hotbed of witchcraft.


Director  |   Dario Argento

Italy  | 1977

92 minutes

With  |   Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Alida Valli, Flavio Bucci 

Language | English


The American Suzy Bannion travels to Freiburg, Germany, to study at its renowned dance academy. But it’s not long before the curriculum is drastically altered by a series of spectacular deaths. Suzy investigates and discovers that the stately old building was once the setting for witchcraft. Classic, baroque horror film by genre maestro Dario Argento celebrates its fortieth birthday with razor-sharp 4K-restoration.

Dario Argento’s sixth film as a director meant his breakthrough to an international audience of horror fans. While he was originally known as a film maker who occasionally managed to lift the gallio genre to hallucinatory levels, it wasn’t until Suspiria that he went all out. The film unfolds itself to the viewer like a bad dream with a psychedelic colour scheme, in which characters are killed off in ways that are as brutal as they are inventive. The score by prog-rockers Goblin became almost as much of a classic. A remake is on its way, including a guest appearance by the original lead actress, but the rebirth of the original in 4K would seem near impossible to surpass.