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Symposium: the costume of the future

The costume of the future


Ellen  Lens, Luca Nemolato &  Pauline Terreehorts

Symposium: the costume of the future

The symposium The Costume of the Future will investigate the part new technological developments play in the designing and making of costumes. What does it mean for the creative process? Does it change the role of the costume designer? And what does it mean for directors and actors? These and other issues will be discussed by Dutch designer Ellen Lens (Brimstone), Italian-American costume concept artist Luca Nemolato (The Hunger Games) and former fashion journalist Pauline Terreehorst. The moderator is Marketa Uhlirova, who is the director of the Fashion on Film Festival in London, among other things, and author of numerous books and articles about the role of fashion and costumes in film. This symposium is organised in collaboration with students from the master’s course Fashion and Film at the UvA.