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The Darkness

Bleak, magic-realist horror fairy-tale in which a family tries to survive after the earth has stopped turning.


Director |  Daniel Castro Zimbrón

Mexico, France |  2015

92 minutes

With | Brontis Jodorowsky, Aliocha Sotnikoff, Camila Robertson Glennie

Language | Spanish

Subtitles | English

The Darkness

In a cabin in the woods that’s permanently shrouded in fog, Gustavo and his family lead a secluded life. The earth has stopped turning and the family regularly has to hide from an invisible monster sneaking around the house. One day the youngest son makes a shocking discovery on a secret attic floor. Bleak, magic-realist story is an atmospheric and intense horror fairy-tale.

The Mexican Las Tinieblas cleverly leads the viewer from one uncomfortable moment to the next. Expect no big effects – we only hear the sounds the monster makes. The son who can only see the shadow of his manically tinkering father from underneath the table, the daughter and a wolf staring at each other through a window, the realistic looking, eerie dolls in the attic – they all combine to give the film a magic-realist atmosphere that turns out bleaker than the films by Zimbrón’s fellow Mexican Guillermo del Toro. Because Zimbrón stays close to his protagonists and meticulously builds up and plays out every scene, the moments of violence have an even greater impact.