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The Death and Life of Otto Bloom

The bizarre story of a man who lives his life backwards.


Director | Cris Jones 

Australia | 2016  

84 minutes


With | Xavier Samuel, Rachel Ward, Matilda Brown, Rose Riley

Language | English

The Death and Life of Otto Bloom

An amnesiac shows up in a hospital. When investigated, he claims that his perception of time is reversed. Seeing things that will happen and unable to remember what already took place, Otto Bloom triggers various reactions – treated by some as a saint, as a fraud by others. This bizarre tale is an endearing love story that also touches on the nature of time and reality. 

Cris Jones’s feature film debut is an amusing, low-key approach to some of life’s great questions, and the format – including lots of stylistic switches from talking heads to VHS archival material and back - is handled superbly. The science behind Bloom’s story may be extremely questionable, but it’s clear that the director has merely used one of Einstein’s letters as a basic inspiration for what is at its core an endearing love story. It also triggers serious questions about shared memories and experiences, the nature of time, death and the fabric of our reality. If we walk away questioning the concept of life then that’s a nice bonus.