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Virtual Reality

At Imagine we explore the fascinating prospects and terrifying possibilities of technology. That's why we present the Fantastic Film VR section.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is finally here, few euros away, within everyone's reach. The age-old fantasies about the all-encompassing, immersive illusions that bothered countless philosophers, writers, visual artists and filmmakers can now be explored and verified. Yet, somehow VR is being treated like an elephant in the room. People recognize its impact and potential, but still prefer to speculate about it in novels, movies or popular TV shows as if it was not there. As if it couldn't speak for itself.

At Imagine we seek to explore the fascinating prospects and terrifying possibilities of technology, and even more so - fantasies and desires that fuel human development. That's why, in the 33rd year of Imagine's existence, we're venturing into a new territory and present the Fantastic Film VR section. Scouting the field and carefully curating fantastic VR experiences from all around the world, we are aiming at creating the conditions for you to think about the current state and future of Virtual Reality in Virtual Reality itself. 

You’ll become a zombie attacking helpless people in a barn, a cult member indifferently watching the virgin sacrifice ritual, a serial killer splitting his victims’ heads in half, or a deep space explorer lost in the vast universe. Together, we shall finally find out if VR makes us dream of Electric Sheep.

In Sonar, a drone receives a strange signal from an asteroid. To locate its source, the drone ventures deep into an ancient labyrinth. Dead Head  tells the story of two humans who are stuck inside with a herd of zombies outside. Through the eyes of the zombie, the viewer watches how they try to survive. In I'll Make You Bleed, viewers bear witness to a ritualistic virgin sacrifice, set to the music of These Machines Are Winning.  Killer Deal follows a salesman who runs into trouble when his hotel room comes with an unwelcome guest. The experience puts the viewer right in the middle of the splash zone. 

Director  |  Philipp Maas, Dominik  Stockhausen

Dead  Head
Director  |  Ben  Leonberg
United States

I'll Make You Bleed
Director  |  Ryan Hartsell
United States

Killer  Deal
Director  |  Anthony C. Ferrante
United States