A Day

A father tries to save his daughter from an accident in clever time loop thriller.


Director | Cho Sun-ho

South-Korea | 2017

90 minutes


With | Kim Myung-min, Byeon Yo-han, Jo Eun-hyung

Language | Korean

Subtitles | English

A Day

Jun-young is supposed to meet his teenage daughter in the centre of Seoul. On his way, he sees that his daughter has been run over. He approaches her and jumps back in time. Stuck in a time loop, he needs to find a way to save his daughter. Clever time loop thriller speaks to the head and the heart.

In his debut feature, Cho Sun-ho uses the time loop genre as a perfect vehicle for his story. He complicates matters by introducing an ambulance worker who is also stuck in the same time loop. Initially, the film focuses on the way Jun-young tries to save his daughter by avoiding the crash that kills her. But gradually, the story takes a turn towards soul searching and coming to terms with the past.

This movie is selected as part of our “Best Of Imagine”-programme and is therefore screened for one final time on Saturday the 21st of April.