The fate of four people is sealed in a visceral, mysterious and brutal thriller with a special role for the audience.


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  • + short "Santa Ana"

Director | Andrés Goteira

Spain | 2017

85 minutes


With | Melania Cruz, Carlos Blanco, Alejandro Carro

Language | Spanish

Subtitles | Dutch


A taxi driver brings a businessman to his swanky hotel. There, he meets a young woman, who goes with him to his room. Later, she goes out and is followed by a man in the streets.

Andrés Goteira’s first feature interweaves the stories of four people and the way their paths cross during 24 hours. A visceral, mysterious and brutal thriller with a special role for the audience.

Andrés Goteira’s assured first feature film is a psychological thriller with absurdist overtones.

Excellently shot and edited, and intriguing throughout, there's something of Quentin Dupieux in this, putting together all the pieces of the puzzle, while involving the viewer. However, this is a much darker film, where violent and disturbing events are alleviated by dry, absurdist humour. Goteira reserves a special role for his audience and without spoiling, it’s safe to say that he enjoys making his viewers uneasy in the same way Haneke did in Funny Games.

Take note: this movie is neither spoken nor subtitled in English.

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Short: Santa Ana
Residents of a desert town witness the strange effects of the Santa Ana winds that blow there every year. Attributed to a revolutionary and the spirit s of the desert. Odd little film,with an eighties-style soundtrack.

director: Cesar Pesquera
vs/usa | 2017 | 6m