Hagazussa - A heathen's curse

With his minimalist but gorgeous graduation film (!), Lukas Feigelfeld puts himself firmly on the map.


 Director | Lukas Feigelfeld 

 Germany, Austria | 2017

With | Aleksandra Cwen, Haymon Maria Buttinger, Tanja Petrovsky


Language | German

Subtitles | English

Hagazussa - A heathen's curse

A remote mountain area in 15th-century Austria. After her mother who was accused of witchcraft dies, Albrun is left an orphan. Decades later the same fate as her mother’s awaits her, especially when she turns out to be the mother of a fatherless child as well. But just when history threatens to repeat itself, Albrun hits back. With his minimalist, but stunning graduation film (!), Lukas Feigelfeld puts himself firmly on the map.

The old-German word Hagazussa roughly translates as witch. But don’t expect a German version of The Witch (Imagine 2016). The plot isn’t the most important thing here anyway. Feigelfeld mainly seems focused on submerging his audience in a collective trance; with long drawn-out scenes, languid camera movements and zooms, and magical images of nature that are pretty enough to hang on your wall. D.o.p. Mariel Baqueiro and editor Jörg Volkmar should definitely be considered co-authors of the film. Hagazussa is one of those films that demand to be seen on the big screen, and is guaranteed to elicit speechless admiration.

On April 17th, this movie will be introduced by a modern witch.