Incident in a Ghost Land

Horror writer is confronted with the past in a terrifying psychological horror film by the maker of Martyrs.


Director | Pascal Laugier

France, Canada | 2018

91 Minutes


With | Crystal Reed, Anastasia Phillips, Rob Archer

Language | English

Incident in a Ghost Land

After the death of her aunt, Pauline inherits her country home. On her first night there with her daughters Beth and Vera, she is attacked and has to go to great lengths to protect her children. Sixteen years later, Beth is a successful horror writer. When she goes to visit Vera, the past comes rushing back. Terrifying psychological horror movie by the maker of Martyrs.

Director Pascal Laugier is still mostly associated with his masterpiece Martyrs. He already proved he can be a tad more subtle with The Tall Man (Imagine 2013), and in this new film eruptions of bloody violence are balanced out by paying close attention to Beth and Vera’s personalities.