The Lodgers

Orphaned twins are held captive by ancient curse in moody and lushly made Gothic horror.


Director | Brian O’Malley

Ireland | 2017

93 minutes


With | Charlotte Vega, Eugene Simon, Bill Milner

Language | English

Subtitles | Dutch

The Lodgers

Orphaned twins Edward and Rachel live in a mansion that has been in the family for centuries, kept there as prisoners by an ancient curse. The status quo starts to shift when Rachel meets Sean, a soldier just returned from the war. Her urge to break free poses a threat to both her and Edward. Moody and lushly made Gothic horror ticks all the right boxes.

In tone and visual style, The Lodgers is close to the Gothic Hammer films and, more recently, The Woman in Black. The film was shot in Loftus Hall in southeastern Ireland, a mansion that recently celebrated its 666th birthday and apparently has its own ghosts. Whatever the case, the mood and atmosphere are beautifully captured by DoP Richard Kendrick and the period detail is impeccable. The screenplay by Irish literature professor David Turpin ticks all the boxes of the Gothic genre: ancient ghosts, who lay out unbreakable rules for those who live in their homes. The Lodgers is a beautiful addition to the Gothic horror catalogue.