Mysterious virus turns office into bloodbath. The Raid meets The Wolf of Wall Street, turned up to leven.


Director | Joe Lynch

USA | 2017

86 Minutes


With | Steven Yeun, Samara Weaving, Steven Brand

Language | English

Subtitles | Dutch


Derek Cho works at a corporate law firm, where anything is sufficient to make the place explode. That happens in the form of a mysterious virus, that turns feuds into bloodbaths and office crushes into orgies. Derek teams up with a lawyer to execute his revenge on his boss. The Raid meets The Wolf of Wall Street, turned up to eleven.

Joe Lynch follows up his revenge drama Everly (Imagine 2015) with a cheerful bloodbath. The greatest quality of this film is that it blends corporate satire, low-brow humour, action and sci-fi into a carefree, highly entertaining thrill ride. You simply start rooting for the hero’s and heroine’s revenge on the ruthless corporate moguls. It all plays like a video game with our characters defeating minor bosses on each floor with office appliances to advance further.

Short: Stretch
The four arms of a robot stretch out fabric, human skin, organs and a skeleton successively. In the end the skull blows to pieces. Completely over the top computer animation, which you should probably experience rather than try to understand.

director: Stephan Larson
usa | 2017 | 4m