Mom and Dad

Parents turn murderous against their kids in black comedy that takes its idea to the extreme.


  • 14/04/18 22:25 EYE1
  • + short "Daemonrunner"
  • 20/04/18 15:20 EYE1
  • + short "Daemonrunner"

Director | Brian Taylor

USA | 2017

83 minutes


With | Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, Anne Winters, Lance Henriksen

Language | English

Mom and Dad

The Ryans are the typical suburban family: mom gave up her career for the kids, dad still tries to be a fun dad, teen Carly is glued to her phone, while Joshua is just noisy. But today, the parents have murderously turned against their children. Carly tries to protect Joshua, but the parents have their own plans. Cheerful black comedy takes its idea to the extreme.

The idea of turning parental love upside down is great material for a bloody black comedy and Mom and Dad is certainly not short on violence and madness. The parents who stand outside school like the pick up from hell are only a warm up to the mayhem that awaits the children at home. In recent years, Nicolas Cage has made a career of going from dead calm to completely crazy in the blink of an eye and here he delivers another maniac performance. Mom and Dad doesn’t take itself too seriously and takes its central idea to the extreme - full on, over the top.