Incredibly beautiful and crude at the same time, November is a truly original Eastern European airy-tale.


Director | Rainer Sarnet

Estonia, Netherlands, Poland | 2017

115 minutes


With | Rea Lest, Jörgen Liik, Arvo Kukumägi

Language | Estonian

Subtitles | Dutch


In a land far away, in a village covered in stinky mud, life is a constant struggle with the natural and supernatural. Devils, werewolves, plagues and weird creatures called Kratts are roaming the woods. No wonder all this is putting a strain on young lovers Liina and Hans. November is a truly original Eastern European fairy-tale, incredibly beautiful and crude at the same time

November paints its medieval world with no sentiment; as dirty and harsh on people as in Game of Thrones. The appeal comes from the unique mixture of Scandinavian and Slavic mythologies, of religious rigidity and popular beliefs. It results in inventions as spectacular as Kratts – animated household articles and tools that look as if they escaped a movie by the Quay Brothers. Stunningly shot in black-and-white with deep expressionistic contrast underlining the battle between good and evil, this is a one-of-a-kind fantasy film, deeply rooted in its place of origin.

This movie is selected as part of our “Best Of Imagine”-programme and is therefore screened for one final time on Saturday the 2st of April.