Salyut - 7

Retelling the rescue of the Salyut-7, this superb Russian film is a stylish and heroic space thriller, captivating from start to finish.


Director | Klim Shipenko 

Russia | 2017 

119 minutes 


with | Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pavel Derevyanko, Ilya Andryukov

Language | Russian

Subtitles | Dutch

Salyut - 7

The year is 1985. When damaged space station Salyut-7 stops responding, a rescue mission must be organized. Only the best cosmonaut could bring this to a good ending and that brings disgraced officer Fyodorov back in the fold. Together with veteran Alyokhin, he goes on a near impossible mission. Part Gravity, part Apollo 13, this is a stylish and heroic space thriller that is totally captivating from start to finish.

Based on true events - back then the rescue was judged as a near miracle - this Russian blockbuster is part Gravity, part Apollo 13, infused with Russian melancholy and humour.

Behind it all, there are the cold war politics: the newly launched American Space Shuttle could take the entire craft as cargo and steal Soviet technology. Visually, the film belies its modest budget of 15 million dollar: the space scenes are gorgeous and period detail on the ground is spot on.

Take note: this movie is neither spoken nor subtitled in English.

This movie is selected as part of our “Best Of Imagine”-programme and is therefore screened for one final time on Saturday the 21st of April.