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Shorts 3: Family, Friends and Enemies

Family, friends and enemies are central in this selection of fantastic shorts.

102 minutes

Shorts 3: Family, Friends and Enemies

So much for family, as Eva discovers when she sees her sister being married off to the enemy in Moonkup: A Period Drama. What happens to Sophie in Aquabike seems a bit less drastic, but the trauma is just as severe. The sins of the father live on in his son in the overwhelming Caçador, and friends stick together in the retro comedy A Band of Thieves, inspired by Bonnie & Clyde. Enemies can inspire as well; in Ramona the titular heroine takes them out one by one.

A Band of Thieves
Inspired by Bonnie & Clyde, naughty Josie and boy next door Ryan go on a crime spree through the outskirts of a Texan town, with an actual bank robbery as their ultimate goal. Acted with much gusto, this retro designed comedy-cum-gangster film pastiche, borrows from Tarantino as well as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Director Fidel Ruiz-Healy
USA 2014
15 minutes

A young woman takes revenge. Mini-thriller, filmed with a limited amount of takes, is shockingly realistic. As the director brings the familiar run of events in a revenge film back to their essence, Ramona transcends the pitfalls of nihilism, giving this short an almost abstract quality. Please note: not suitable for weak stomachs!

Director Andrei Cretulescu
Romania 2015
21 minutes

Moonkup: Les noces d’hémophile
Humanity has lost the war against the vampires. Part of the peace treaty was an agreement that women would give their monthly cup of blood to the vampires for nourishment. Ambitious short blends feminism with politics. Lead actress Bénédicte Choisnet is very funny as the protagonist who manipulates everything and everyone.

Director Pierre Mazingarbe
France 2015
25 minutes

After his father’s death, a hunter is left alone. When an intruder appears on his property, there’s only one thing he can do. Because that’s what his father taught him. Partly thanks to a stunning background of Brazilian mountains, this simple premise reaches the same epic dimensions as a classic western.

Directors Rafael Duarte & Taísa Ennes Marques
Brazil 2014
18 minutes

Sophie had a traumatic experience as a teenager when her brother pushed her into the water and a fish swam into her bikini. As an adult, she goes to see alternative aquaphobia therapist Eric, aka Aquaman. Witty, original fantasy is convincing because the protagonist keeps behaving sensibly and logically in increasingly bizarre circumstances.

Director Jean-Baptiste Saurel
France 2015
23 minutes