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Shorts: Everyday Stories

Shorts: Everyday Stories

Everyday life can turn fantastic as well, as witnessed by an argument between neighbours that gets out of hand in Hunden and the noisy neighbours in A Knock on the Door. And the Whole Sky Fits in the Cow’s Eye shows an extraordinary visitor and in Underwater we are introduced to a special gift. While Stick To Your Gun contains a tip for domestic bliss, The Tinwife and Justicia Justiciera III Kungfu Karate Annihilator stray much further from home.

Director: Aleksander Nordaas
Norway   2016 – 10 minutes
Language  Norwegian
Subtitles  English

Justicia Justiciera III Kungfu Karate Annihilator
Director: Rafa Dengrà
Spain   2016 – 16 minutes
Language  Spanish
Subtitles  English

A Knock at the Door
Directors: Katrina Rennels & Wendie Weldon 
US  2016 – 8 minutes
Language   English

Stick To Your Gun
Director: Joe Hitchcock
New Zealand  2016 – 10 minutes
Language   English

The Tinwife
Director: Travis Neufeld
Canada  2016 – 26 minutes
Language   English

Director: Virginie Caloone
France  2016 – 18 minutes
Language  French
Subtitles  English

Eine Villa mit Pinien
Regisseur: Jan Koester
Germany 2016 - 13 minutes
Language  German
Subtitles  English