Thriller - A Cruel Picture

One-eyed beauty takes gruesome vengeance in this extremely violent film that inspired Tarantino for Kill Bill.


Director | Bo Arne Vibenius

Sweden | 2017

104 minutes


With | Christina Lindberg, Heinz Hopf, Despina Tomazani

Language | Swedish

Thriller - A Cruel Picture

After being raped as a child, Frigga loses her ability to speak. As an adult she works on her parents’ farm, until she is kidnapped by a loverboy and forced into a heroin addiction and prostitution. She manages to escape, takes judo, shooting and stunt driving lessons, and prepares for a violent journey of vengeance. Extremely violent film inspired Tarantino for Kill Bill.

The Swedish Thriller: A Cruel Picture (also released under the title They Call Her One Eye), was banned in its own country for its combination of extreme violence and pornographic scenes. In interviews for the first Kill Bill movie, Quentin Tarantino repeatedly mentioned the film as a source of inspiration. He based the look and clothing of Elle Driver (with her ever-changing eye patches) on Frigga. Yet stylistically director Bo Arne Vibenius is the polar opposite of his hip American colleague.

This film is part our Kick-Ass Women programme.

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