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On april 12th 2017 the 33th Imagine Film Festival started, for eleven days the fantastical film was at heart. With the best and most exciting on the scope of fantasy, science fiction, horror, anime and everything in between. Masterclasses, lectures and a comprehensive side program provided context, in-depth knowledge and a broader perspective.

The annual theme program adressed fashion this time. In a wide ranging and varied theme program, Imagine focused on the role costumes and styling play in creating a fantastic illusion. The spotlight was turned on two young Dutch fashion designers whose aesthetics closely match fantastic film and who also make films themselves: Esther Dorhout Mees and Jacob Kok. Besides, Lindy Hemming (James Bond, The Dark Knight en Wonder Woman) and Luca Nemolato presented masterclasses. Focus was also paid at Wonder Woman, whose looks have changed quite drastically over the years, and workshops were provided that zoomed in on the Fantastic Fashion Theme.

There was considerable attention for Dutch fantastical films during Imagine NL, a day with new Dutch filmprojects and recent short films, naturally with the presence of its makers. New talent pitched their projects during the pitching contest, with Jan van Gorkum as winner with his film The Clearer. He received two tickets to Montreal for participation at the co-production market Frontières, part of Fantasia Film Festival.

Awards and jury's

Winner of the Black Tulip Award was Are We Not Cats by Xander Robin. 

The jury consisted of actress Bo Maerten (Wolf, Mannenharten 2), director/animator Marc de Leeuw, who created music videos for Yung Internet, among others, and animations for the VPRO, and journalist and producer Marloes den Hoed, who works for IDFA and Movies That Matters.  

Winner of the Moviezone Award was I Am Not a Serial Killer by Billy O'Brien.

Youth has the future in its hands, its likewise at our festival. Therefore Imagine collaborates with Moviezone, the educational program of EYE. Moviezone has its own jury at Imagine, between the age of 16 and 19. This award is a big honour for directors, because they managed to reach a young audience with their film. 

The jury views ten films from all aspects of the program and gets to meet a couple of filmmakers. This year the jury consisted of Verena Snoeren, Charlotte Sophie van der Neut, Mette van Blokland, Willem Goedhart and Mees van Breukelen.

The Méliès d’argent is the award for best European fantastic film. The award is an initiative of the European Fantastic Film Festival Federation (EFFFF), of which Imagine is a co-founder. The jury comprised actress Terence Schreurs (Flikken Maastricht and Kristen), visual artist Floris Kaayk and Director of Photography Diderik Evers. The Award went to Skins by Eduardo Casanova.

The Méliès d’argent for short film was comprised by a jury of Imagine programmers Lauren Murphy en Stanislaw Liguzinski. They handed the award over to Neck and Neck by Shaun Clark.

Ultimately, the opening film of 2017 Get Out was the big winner of the Silver Scream Award, the audience award of Imagine. The Girl With All The Gifts and 78/52 respectively ended on the second and third spot.

Below the Imagine video reports of 2017, made by Dyzlo Film. Click here for a photo impression.