Kick-Ass Women

A celebration of kick-ass filmmakers - male and female -, kick-ass stories and yes - kick-ass women.

Kick-Ass Women

Telling stories is all about giving voice, and the past year the female voice has surely been heard in cinematic stories and beyond. It has been strong, opinionated and at times downright angry. This year, Imagine will celebrate the rich choir of kick-ass female voices in genre cinema, both in front of and behind the camera. From Carrie to Ripley and from Buffy to The Bride, women have been vanquishing evil forces and the forces of oppression since way before the introduction of ‘the final girl’, be it through butchering the bad guys or becoming the bad girls themselves. A celebration of kick-ass filmmakers - male and female -, kick-ass stories and yes - kick-ass women. Show’s over, motherfuckers.

Kick-Ass Women Films
This year we have selected a wide range of feature films that either feature or are made by kick-ass women. You can come enjoy The Changeover, Family, Glass Garden, Pyewacket, Revenge, Tigers are not Afraid, Tower: A Bright Day, Tragedy Girls or Thriller. Make sure to check out the arrival of our very special guest, the ultimate kick-ass woman, a real life witch! Also worth noting, four makers of these kick-ass movies are coming over to Amsterdam to answer all questions you have after the screening of their movies.

Kick-Ass Women Shorts
Women are moody when they’re on their period? Julkita goes completely berserk! After that blow, the absurd animation of Count Your Curses provides some respite, after which The Day Mum Became a Monster puts a mother-daughter relationship in a kind of gothic light. With Real Artists we look towards a creepy digital future, to then travel back to the Wild West for Sons of Bitches, where a prostitute chooses her own path. The same goes for the ladies in Lunch Ladies. Sounds innocent, but you'd better stay out of their kitchen! Come see our Kick-Ass Women Shorts!

Kick-Ass Women Panel
From Revenge to Prevenge and from Raw to Wonder Woman, female filmmakers and female protagonists are having a moment. As the Imagine 2018 program also shows, the female voice in genre film is solid, diverse and wonderfully genre-bending. For our kick-ass women panel, we’ve invited a few of this year’s awesome female filmmakers and experts to share their experiences, challenges and perspectives regarding the current status of women in genre film, both in front of and behind the camera. Afterwards, hang around for a special kick-ass women double bill with extended Q&A's. Featuring: Hedwig van Driel (film journalist), Issa Lopez (dir. Tigers Are Not Afraid) and more to be announced.

We will also welcome Gwyneth Sleutel as our own kick-ass analyst. Gwyneth will publish a weekly article for Imagine Film Festival, drawing inspiration from her talents as an analyst and critical thinking skills concerning the portrayal of women in cinema.

Gwyneth Sleutel (1994) is now working as a freelance dramaturg and script editor. She graduated her professionally oriented Master's of Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in film and feminism.

Photo by: Laila Mol / Laynamo