In this year’s edition, fantastic stories take centre stage – from age-old fairy tales and myths to worldbuilding and virtual reality. What do they have in common? They carry the viewer across the threshold of everyday life, towards the fantastic, the extraterrestrial or the future. Unleash yourself from the mundane, cross that threshold and prepare to be amazed!


Myths, legends and fairy tales – the oldest stories known to mankind are fantastic stories. Flash forward to the present and fantastic fiction is at the forefront of innovation: telling stories for multiple platforms, using VR and AR and experimenting with interactivity. This year’s theme programme will explore the full spectrum of fantastic storytelling between these two extremes – the source of all stories and the frontline of innovation. And of course we will do this with the same wide range of films and programmes the regular Imagine visitors expect from us. Bon voyage!

Masterclass Temple Clark: Storyboarding
Storyboarding is a critical phase of film pre-production. The director and storyboard artist collaborate to produce a series of almost comic book-like panels, which serve to visualise for the director how his or her film will be shot. Temple Clark is a London based storyboard and concept artist. He has worked on over 100 feature films and television productions, including Spectre, Gravity, The Avengers, Kick-Ass, two of the Harry Potterfilms, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Fifth Element.

Masterclass Mick Garris: From the page to the screen
No other director has adapted as many of Stephen King’s books and stories as Mick Garris has: seven in total. We will obviously grill him on how you go about adapting the universe of the most popular horror author ever for film and television.

Masterclass VFX
Last year we collaborated with NVX – the Dutch Association of Visual Effects Professionals –to present a masterclass VFX on the last day of Imagine. None other than Staffan Linder came to talk about his work for The Walking Dead, King Kong en Let the Right One In. Thanks to the success of that day, we’ll be working together again this year.

Kick-Ass Women
Telling stories is all about giving voice, and the past year the female voice has surely been heard in cinematic stories and beyond. It has been strong, opinionated and at times downright angry. This year, Imagine will celebrate the rich choir of kick-ass female voices in genre cinema, both in front of and behind the camera. Check our full Kick-Ass Women programme.

Film Concert: Frankenstein
This year marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. The book was adapted for the screen numerous times, but James Whale’s 1931 version has proved to be indestructible. The classic will be brought to life again with musical accompaniment by Kevin Toma and live sound effects by foley artist Ronnie van der Veer.

Laterna Magica - Fantastic stories around the magic lantern
Before the advent of cinema, there was the magic lantern, showing fantastic stories using still and sometimes moving glass plates. With the arrival of film, the magic lantern faded into the background and was increasingly viewed as nothing but a curiosity. A mistake, because in 150 years the magic lantern has lost none of its magic.

Virtual Reality
After a small showcase last year, Imagine is jumping into the VR world with both feet, kicking off the first edition of its Fantastic VR competition. We invited the absolute crème de la crème of VR experiences released throughout the year to take our audience on a ride into the horrors, wonders, thrills and delights of virtual realities. Check our VR-programme!

And that's not even all! Make sure to check out our entire programme for all masterclasses, workshops and other experiences! We have an audiovisual masterclass by Peet Gelderblom, multiple interactive workshops, an interesting live performance and a great exhibition showing The Hero's Journey! Don't miss it!