Virtual Reality

Take a seat in our VR Studio and enjoy your trip through virtual worlds. Bon voyage!

Virtual Reality

Let yourself feel A Little Love and become a workaholic mother trapped in her daughter's dollhouse, become a puppet stuck in an analogue version of the VR headset in the black-mirroresque Extravaganza or investigate the family quarrels through the eyes of a deceased patriarch in Ashes to Ashes. If you ever wondered what the eternity in a cyberneural network would look like, see In the Cloud: Afterlife and Alteration; however, if you prefer to furnish your soul according to Feng Shui don't miss Your Spiritual Temple Sucks

Troma's Heart of Fartness and The Humanity Bureauwill both introduce you to the worlds of film icons - respectively the king of garbage Toxic Avenger and the vulcan of emotion Nicolas Cage. After that, you might want to go into deep space either to fight teeth-gnashing space bugs in pixaresque Asteroids! or to save humanity in Melita. If you value street cred over cosmic adventures dip into the L.A. gang culture infused with b-boyism, Egyptology and hip hop in’s Masters of the Sun.. Continuing down the memory lane check Reawakening of Memories and The Argos File - procedural thrillers exploring the possibility of revisiting other people's experiences or step even further into the realm of simulation sharing the point of view of Blind Vaysha - a special girl who sees future and past simultaneously. Potato Dreams will show you how to exorcise childhood anxieties and Summation of Force will attempt the same through sports.

The spirit of early Lynch and late Buñuel hovers around somnambulant Proxima and haunts The Other Dakar, which takes you deep into the Senegalese realm of gods. All your fears will confront you head-on, whether in the form of big-ass spiders in Micro Giants, Mephistophelian knives peddlers in Knives or seductive mermaids in Siren Song. One fear to rule them all, one fear to find them, in the Land of Clowns where the Night Night will finally lead you.

Programmes are typically 30 minutes long. The programme below runs daily from 12 to 21 April in our VR Studio in EYE.

11:00 Programme 1: Melita | Extravaganza

12:00 Programme 2: Reawakening of Memories |Micro Giants | The Other Dakar

13:00 Programme 3: Asteroids! | Ashes to Ashes | In the Cloud: Afterlife

14:00 Programme 4: Summation of Force | Blind Vaysha | Potato Dreams

15:00 Programme 5: Your Spritual Temple Sucks | Heart of Fartness |The Argos File

16:00 Programme 6: Alteration | Proxima

17:00 Programme 7: The Humanity Bureau | A Little Love

18:00 Programme 8: Masters of the Sun

19:00 Programme 9: Knives | Night Night | Siren Song

20:00 Programme 5: Your Spiritual Temple Sucks | Heart of Fartness |The Argos File

21:00 Programme 7: The Humanity Bureau | A Little Love

22:00 Programme 8: Masters of the Sun