Program A-Z

Volunteer Roles & Information 2018


Handing out flyers around town.


In the days leading up to the festival you will help building and setting up. On the Sunday after the festival (22 April) you will help dismantling the festival.


You will drive guests around, run errands and transport film prints. You need to have a valid driving license (valid in The Netherlands) and be able to drive both stick shift and automatic.

Film Attendant 

Checking tickets and checking if the film is projected properly.  On the last day of the festivals the film attendant's will help cleaning up.

Information desk 

You will man the information desk. You answer questions from guests or press. You are aware of everything going on at the festival and can inform the guests and card holders accordingly. 

Surveyor/ Host

You actively approach visitors and take surveys. You also answer any questions visitors might have about the festival.

Guest Supervisor

You are responsible for supervising the guests and jury members. You are their point of contact and keep their (festival) agenda. This function can vary a lot and has flexible working hours.


As a runner you will do a large variety of tasks; running errands, cleaning and helping in other places. You are expected to be flexible and quick to adapt.


You will cook a warm meal for crew members and volunteers, approximately thirty people per night. You are responsible for the menu, groceries and cooking.

VR experience supervisor 

This year we are also offering the possibility for visitors to completely immerse themselves in a virtual reality environment. We expect a lot of visitors want to try this. You will support, guide and inform the visitors before they have the VR experience. 

Social Media Reporter

This year we are looking for social media volunteers. Are you an experienced social media user? Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Can you take good looking pictures, and would you like to take care of our social media during the festival? Please send a short motivation and your resume to: crew@imaginefilmfestival.nl . please include the subject line: social media reporter.