We are looking for a web developer for Imagine Film Festival and (our little sister) Taartrovers Film Festival!

Imagine Film Festival

Imagine was built using Statamic. It will undergo a complete redesign (preferably)
towards the end of 2018. We’re looking at alternatives to Statamic as we’ve
outgrown the simplicity of file-based storage. You will be part of choosing an
alternative CMS to Statamic.

Taartrovers Film Festival
Taartrovers was built with the experiences of using Statamic in mind. It’s a custom
CMS (with Laravel as it’s foundation) with some of the principles that are commonly
used in Event Sourced systems and CQRS. Nearly all of the code is intentionally
kept as basic as possible. Taartrovers’ scheduling is the most complicated part of the
application. The system functions as design, but has it’s limitations that are inherent
to building a custom CMS. Tasks for the end-user related to scheduling films, that
are manual work in Statamic, having been automated in Taartrovers.

● Maintenance and support of existing systems
● Building new features (especially for Taartrovers)
● Basic server management
● Implement a new design (for Imagine)

For more information, please contact Maren Zeinstra (, 020 679 48 75)