Program A-Z
  • A shy loner is lured out of his isolation but loses his mind in a funny, wry and captivating mystery thriller.


  • Two friends discover more about themselves and each other than they can handle, in an intensely acted psychological thriller.

    Always Shine

  • ​Two outsiders come together in an amusing and bizarre love story that combines romance with body horror.

    Are We Not Cats

  • The bizarre story of a man who lives his life backwards is a heartwarming love story disguised as science fiction.

    The Death and Life of Otto Bloom

  • Dutch Fashion designers Esther Dorhout Mees and Jacob Kok talk about their fashion and films.

    EYE on Art - Dutch fashion designers

  • A young woman goes to extremes to dispel her loneliness after the death of her mother in a stunning southern gothic.

    The Eyes of My Mother

  • Fashion Shorts

    Fashion Shorts

  • Outsider Greta retreats from reality in a poignant coming-of-age film, presented as a hilariously styled seventies pastiche.

    Girl Asleep

  • Everything is glistening with grease in this Sundance hit that can easily compete with the filthiest films of John Waters.

    The Greasy Strangler

  • Powerful debut combines family tragedy, grisly horror and social comments.


  • Tim Hanley talks about Wonder Woman

    Lecture Tim Hanley

  • A dealer enters a time loop after leaving his girlfriend, in a Hungarian mix of Groundhog Day and Source Code.


  • An X-Files­ premise turns into a heartwarming tragicomedy about likeable outsiders.

    Man Underground

  • Lindy Hemming will give a masterclass about her work.

    Masterclass Costume Design

  • Trippy, psychedelic animation blends coming of age story with a disaster movie to eye popping effect.

    My Entire High School Sinking Into...

  • The film program for Dutch shorts.

    Nieuw Nederlands Peil

  • ​Reluctant superhero takes on evil in wacky, hand-drawn animation with bizarre characters and a touch of the psychedelic.

    Nova Seed

  • Sure-fire horror sensation is a stylish and gruesome fairy-tale...


  • All In the Family

    Shorts: All In the Family

  • Everyday Stories

    Shorts: Everyday Stories

  • Secrets and Lies

    Shorts: Secrets and Lies

  • The Body Shop

    Shorts: The Body Shop

  • With Amsterdam Spook, Imagine presents The Surrealist Ball, with Fantastic Fashion theme!

    The Surrealist Ball

  • ​Black adolescent Milo wanders around the New York Queens district like a vampire.

    The Transfiguration