Awards Imagine Film Festival

On Saturday 23 April, the award winners of the 32nd Imagine Film Festival have been announced. The Silver Méliès for the best European fantastic film was awarded to minimalist drama The Survivalist (feature) and playful Aquabike (short). The Black Tulip Award went to warm blooded science fiction film Into the Forest. The MovieZone youth jury awarded the found footage horror film JeruZalem. Around midnight, the winner of the Silver Scream Award, the audience award, will be revealed. The six highest rated and best attend films can be seen again on Sunday 24 April.

Black Tulip Award | Into the Forest (Patricia Rozema, Canada 2015)
The jury consists of Gawie Keyser (journalist and radio host of, amongst others, Gawie weet raad), Lauren Murphy (cultural programmer at hotspot Pllek) and Joost de Vries (producer of films like The Lobster and Boy 7).

From the jury report: 
The intelligence of the female protagonists in Patricia Rozema’s story about two sisters that face the aftermath of a massive disaster in a remote part of North America impressed the jury. The sisters are resourceful, they grow food when supplies run out, they turn to practical matters after a violent, traumatic event, they help each other. We never learn what the apocalyptic event entails, but that is not really necessary. The director relies on the intelligence of her audience; she knows what we know, that is, she knows what kind of stories we have in our head. And she plays with that knowledge. She strips the narrative in order to focus on the psychology of the characters. In doing so the film confronts us with questions that define our lives: what will happen when everything you know and hold dear falls away? The jury was touched by this. And surprised, because the story turns out to be quite subversive in the sure-footed way in which a typically male genre is handled here. Just how subversive, we suggest, you make out for yourself.

Méliès d'Argent | The Survivalist (Stephen Fingleton, UK 2015)
The jury consists of journalist Sacha Gertsik (De Filmkrant), author Jeroen van Unen (De nachtuilen) and film critic Vincent Hoberg (Nieuwe Revu, Zone 5300).

From the jury report: 
After a short intro, brilliant in its simplicity, Fingleton throws us into a small paranoid-utopian universe: a cabin in the woods where a man tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. With the arrival of two women, writer/director Fingleton creates a chessgame that is constantly intense, a microcosm wherein extreme mutual distrust is countered by the protagonists’ brute knowledge that pure survival has nothing to do with gender or power. It is simply necessary. There is little or no need for language, the knowing glances between the amazing cast members are enough to evoke exceptional tension, always keeping the audience guessing who will be the last man (or woman) standing. A deserving winner in all aspects, this powerful directorial debut.

Méliès d'Argent for best European short film | Aquabike (Jean-Baptiste Saurel, France 2015)
The jury consists of Laura Jehle (arts teacher en education specialist) en Christian Pazzaglia (co-founder of CineSonic and programmer Imagine).

From the jury report:
Among the twenty finalists we've found this film to be the most wildly imaginative and unpredictable. The film breaks free from genre's conventions and in just over 20 minutes succeeds in building an original world of its own, full of unconventional characters and surprising turns of events. For its creativity, originality and twisted sense of humour we've chosen Aquabike by Jean-Baptiste Saurel as this year's best European short film.

MovieZone Award | JeruZalem (Doron & Yoav Paz, Israel 2015)
The MovieZone Imagine Jury 2016 consists of five young people between 16 and 18 years old: Arjen de Feijter, Iris Vaessen, Kalin Popov, Fleur Harshagen and Jiska Warmels.

From the jury report:
As expected by the title, this film takes place in the ancient and religious city Jerusalem, where a holiday meant to relax and enjoy, turns into a race to escape the city. Looking through the Google glasses of one of the leading roles, the viewer gets a beautiful view of the mysterious city. It feels like you are experiencing it all yourself, which makes the movie even more scary. The original setting, point of view and unexpected aspects make you empathize with the characters and make the film exciting from beginning to end.

Winner Pitching Sessions 
Richard Raaphorst won the Imagine NL Pitching Session with his pitch for The Profundis. The price consists out of participation in the co-productionmarket Frontières in Montréal.