Film competition

Have you always dreamed of filming your own dreams? Or maybe you’d prefer a nightmare? This is your chance. Enter Imagine 2016’s film competition and win great prizes!

Imagine 2016’s main theme programme is titled Building Dreams and Nightmares. It looks at the way you can use architecture or design in film to show your own world. Think of work by Wes Anderson or Terry Gilliam, for example.

LinkThere are two very special prizes for the winning filmmaker:
* A day at visual effects studio Planet X FX! Consider, for example, a combination of advice while preparing to shoot your next film and help with the post-production. Or consult them about something else in the area of  visual effects. That Planet X FX is not just any old effects studio, can be seen in this visual effects breakdown.
* Camalot Audiovisual Facilities offers a whopping €2,500,-- towards camera equipment rental! This amount will be valid for two years.

When you start making your film, please keep the following in mind:

- Your film must be accessible to a general audience. It can not end up behind the adult filter on YouTube.
- Maximum length is 2 minutes. The last 3 seconds of the video are reserved for a still of our logo and the festival date. This still will soon be available from our website.
- You can use any resolution and format to create your film, but for the best projection quality on our big screen you should use: minimum resolution 1080p up to maximum 2k. Minimal stereo audio with a sample rate of at least 48 kHz and a bit depth of 24-bit. Container of the (video) material can be a TIFF-sequence, .mov or .mxf. Codec in order of preference: Uncompressed, JPEG-2000, ProRes-422-HQ or XDCAM-HD422, Animation Quicktime.

How do you enter? Post your film on YouTube with the tags ‘Imagine Film Festival 2016’ en then send the url, your name and contact details to Anne Visser
The deadline is Friday, April 8, 2016.
With special thanks to Planet X FX and Camalot.