Guests at Imagine this weekend.

Imagine is welcoming several international guests this weekend. They will be present at their screenings to talk about their films and answer questions from the audience. These are the guests that will be present at Imagine from today:

A virus has wiped out the memories of the majority of mankind. Like the young couple that wake up next to each other every morning as strangers. Miranda and her father have managed to hang on to their memories in their bunker. But does that actually make them happier than the lost souls outside? Embers is low-tech but stunningly shot science fiction, filmed on derelict sites in the US and Poland. Erik Kersten, from the website ArchiNed, will elaborate on the use of architecture in the film.

They Call Me Jeeg Robot
Actor and director Gabriele Mainetti played in many films and directed four short films, but now he has finally made a feature film. Successfully, because his film They Call Me Jeeg Robot received no less than sixteen nominations for the Donatello Awards, the Italian film awards. In the film an Italian criminal becomes a reluctant superhero. Mainetti’s film is full of action, humour, social commentary and romance. Mainetti will do a Q&A today at 5.15 PM. 

In this Israelian found-footage film, American Sarah and Rachel are on holiday in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Yom Kippur celebrations are coming up and hostel owner Omar warns them about dangerous forces roaming the Old City. When it goes on lockdown after an attack, the two girls are trapped while being hunted by winged demons. JeruZalem was directed by Doron and Yoav Paz. Doron, who directed various television series in Israel, will do a Q&A at the one-off screening tomorrow. The film starts at 4.15 PM.

Nina Forever
After making several short films, British brothers Chris and Ben Blaine are back with the feature film Nina Forever. In this Indie horror, love reaches beyond the grave! Supermarket cashier Holly has a crush on her colleague Rob. The feelings are mutual. But when they have sex for the first time, Nina suddenly appears, Rob’s ex who died in a motor accident. Rob and Holly try everything to get rid of their ghostly annoyance. Ben Blaine will do a Q&A at the screening tomorrow, which starts at 7.50 PM.