Introductions and Q&A's

At Imagine, various films are preceded by a special introduction or concluded by Q&A's with filmmakers. These are the films that have such introductions or Q&A’s.


*Friday April 15, 15.00 uur (EYE4): Embers   with introduction by Erik Kersten from ArchiNed.
*Saturday April 16, 20.00 uur (EYE1): VPRO  Cinema Presents: Midnight Special, with introduction by Gerhard Busch.
*Sunday April 17, 16.30 uur (EYE2): Synchronicity   with introduction by Erik Kersten from ArchiNed.
*Wednesday April 20, 19.00 uur (EYE1): Cinema Egzotik
*Friday April 22, 17.00 uur (EYE1): High-Rise   with introduction by Tim Verlaan from Failed Architecture.
*Friday April 22, 19.30 uur (EYE2): Schokkend Nieuws Presents: Creature Designers.

Talks and Q&A's:

*Friday April 15, 17.15 uur (EYE2)They Call Me Jeeg Robot, Q&A with director  Gabriele Mainetti
*Friday April 15, 22.00 uur (EYE1): Preview Presents: Hardcore Henry. Talk  with director  Ilya Naishuller led by the  editor in chief of  Preview  Pim Weijers.
*Saturday April 16, 22.15 uur (EYE2)JeruZalem, Q&A with  co-director  Doron Paz.
*Saturday April 16, 19.50 uur (EYE2): Nina Forever, Q&A with  co-director  Ben Blaine.
*Monday April 18, 17.15 uur (EYE2)Project-M, Q&A with director  Eric Piccoli.
*Monday April 18, 19.30 uur (EYE2): Nieuw  Nederlands Peil, Q&A with the directors.
*Monday April 18, 21.40 uur (EYE2): The Lure, Q&A with director  Agnieszka Smoczynska
*Tuesday April 19, 17.10 uur (EYE2): A talk with  Gawie Weet Raad after They Look Like People.
*Thursday April 21, 19.20 uur (EYE2): Kristen, Q&A with director  Mark Weistra.