Night of Terror

A crazy night for loyal horror fans at Pathé de Munt.


Running time 7,5 hours

Night of Terror

In the night of Saturday, 16 April to Sunday, 17 April, die-hard horror fans, armed with M&M’s, beer and well-oiled vocal chords, will go looking for a good seat for the Night of Terror, in order to provide their very own commentary to a night of horror. Subtlety is best left at home. We start as we mean to go on, with the insane Bunny the Killer Thing, in which a giant bunny, brandishing a dildo, goes looking for fresh pussy. In Pandemic, a group of soldiers looking for survivors have to deal with raging rabid zombies on speed. Of a totally different calibre is The Devil’s Candy, in which a metalhead and his family take on demons and a deranged intruder. And after all that, fans of exploding heads will get their fill with the telekinetic The Mind’s Eye.  

Location: Pathé de Munt. Vijzelstraat 15, Amsterdam


Bunny The Killer Thing
Director  Joonas Makkonen
Finland 2015
87 minutes
With Hiski Hämäläinen, Enni Ojutkangas, Veera W. Vilo

A writer rents a house in Finland. Without his knowledge, masked men inject him with a substance that turns him into a horrid raunchy bunny with an enormous penis. When a couple of travellers come near him, things get out of hand. The giant bunny yells “Fresh Pussy!” and plunges into his victims. Horror comedy in Troma-style doesn’t bother with subtleties. 

Director  John Suits
US 2016
91 minuten
With Rachel Nichols, Missi Pyle, Alfie Allen,  Mekhi Phifer

In the future, the world is plagued by a virus that’s similar to rabies. In the last phase of infection, patients become extremely violent. From a guarded compound, doctor Lauren Chase and four soldiers venture out to rescue a besieged group of colleagues. It soon turns into the knockout race from hell. 

The Devil's Candy
Director  Sean Byrne
US 2015
90 minutes
With Ethan Embry, Shiri Appleby, Kiara Glasco, Pruitt Taylor Vince

Painter and metalhead Jesse moves into a house in the countryside with his wife Astrid and daughter Zooey. Soon Jesse begins to hear voices and create paintings like he’s in a trance. Meanwhile the house is besieged by the mentally handicapped Ray, the son of the previous occupant. 

The Mind's Eye
Director  Joe Begos
US 2015
87 minutes
With Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, John Speredakos

Zack has psychokinetic powers and after an arrest he ends up in the clinic of Dr. Slovak, who helps people with special gifts. He quickly starts to suspect that Slovak secretly drains off genetic material and injects it into himself. When Zack escapes, all hell breaks loose.