Preceded by short films

Six feature films are preceded by short films. The films are very diverse, but have one thing in common: they warm you up for the feature film you’re about to see.

Dans ton regard
At the frontline of the First World War, the disfigured body lies on the ground. But the memories of life are still there. Beautiful animation, hand-drawn in chalk, literally uses the eyes as a portal to the soul. Short before Embers.

Julien Arnal
France 2015 
6 minutes

The Procedure
A man is sedated in the street and finds himself tied up in an empty room. What is that thing that is coming down? Absurd short with naughty twist won the jury award for best American short film at the Sundance Film Festival last January. Short before What We Become.

Clavin Lee Reeder
USA 2015 
4 minutes

L’Œil du cyclone
The eye of a child holds an entire life. Stunning, partly abstract animation with a beautiful soundtrack, leaving plenty of room for the viewer’s imagination. Psychedelics in soft pastel shades. Short before The Tag-Along.

Masanobu Hiraoka
France, Japan 2015 
5 minutes

A young woman wanders around a lamp store. She spies on a kissing couple. In a revolving zoetrope she sees herself making love to a man. Then a wolf appears in the half of the store that has turned into a forest. Enchanting short follows its very own logic. Short before Lace Crater.

Dídac Gimeno
Spain 2015 
8 minutes

A worm is chained to a lead ball in a prison cell, awaiting his punishment. Deceptively simple animation in very fine pencil lines has a surprising finale. Short before Der Nachtmahr.

Becky James
USA 2015 
3 minutes

Phantom City 
In a big city, a young woman goes to see the film Naked Angels. It turns out to be a film noir that breaks through the fourth wall. Beautiful game with reality does what only animation can do. A nice jazzy score is the binding element in a succession of bizarre twists. Short before Nowhere Girl.

Patrick Jenkins
Canada 2015 
7 minutes